Reno Family Law Lawyer

Taking advice from an experienced attorney is much better than taking advice from a family member who is on your side.

Having an attorney while going through a divorce will give you facts and not be handled on an emotional basis.

Exploiting an elderly person is something that can lead to a contested guardianship.

If you are looking at a divorce, as a general rule, the less complicated they are the less they will cost.

Bitter, contested divorces are the ones you should never attempt to do on your own.

Dividing property can be difficult in a divorce, even when there are no children to consider.

If it is possible to have an amicable divorce, our attorney will help you do that.

It is not very often that people who get a divorce end up as friends, but it can happen.

Dividing up assets in a divorce is difficult, especially if one spouse was found to be cheating.

Rebuilding your life with your children after a divorce should be as calming as possible for them. When you need a family law attorney to take care of child custody issues, give our office a call.

Whether you want full custody or joint custody, our attorney can help you work it out.

You can hire our law firm and talk to our paralegal or a legal assistance when you need help.

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Whether you have a problem with real estate, business, bankruptcy or divorce, you can call on our attorney to take care of your issues for you.

03/08/17 10:40:43 AM

Having the support of your family during a divorce proceeding is very helpful, especially for the children who are involved.

03/06/17 05:30:24 PM

Uncontested divorces are generally faster than contested divorces, and they may be less expensive. Resolving issues before you need to go to trial for a divorce is a much better plan.

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